Wednesday is Family Day

For “family day” this week I thought I would show you our recent family project.  Every year, our church hosts a Harvest Party on Halloween, and the highlight is the Trunker Treat, where everyone lines up their cars and the kids go around the parking lot collecting candy.  Some people decorate their trunks, and it’s a lot of fun.  My creative daughter came up with this idea last year:

So for this year, she wanted to make a garden.  Fantastic idea, we thought.  The kids will make flowers, it’ll be fun. *sigh* What I failed to realize is that no one in the house likes to think about executing these ideas until the day before Halloween.  (When you’re making a shark, you really only have to make the teeth.  Thanks to my aunts, we already had the fish and the felt water.)  Anyway, I sat the kids down a week before-hand to try to make a plan.  We were able to figure out how many pickets a fence would need, and that we would need to make “lots” of flowers. *sigh again*
Fast-forward to Thursday night, when Mommy has been crocheting flowers and handstitching yo-yo flowers, and cutting cardboard pickets, and no one else has done anything.  We realized we would have to change our plan, that we didn’t have the time to make “lots of flowers” and figure out how to stand them up in the back of the car.  So we decided to make:

A teddy bear picnic!  I even downloaded the obnoxious song, and DH set up his laptop and played it over and over again.  We cut sumac leaves from the jungle in our back yard, and wrapped old curtain fabric around the hydraulic post-thingies to make trees.  My mom and the girls made the paper flowers – my mother decided the spare tire should be a Gloriosa bush.  We packed a picnic from the girls’ play food.  You can see my crocheted flowers at the base of the “table” and my yo-yos at the base of the “bush”.

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