A finish!

I know I didn’t do MWIS this weekend.  I wanted to wait until after dh’s birthday to post this pic, just in case he actually reads what I write.

Lion Brand Wool-Ease in “Denim Twist”

I finished his fingerless gloves!  I went with the half-finger style, and as you can see, they’re way too big for me, so they fit his hands just fine.  He loves the color, he loves the fit, now he’s just waiting for it to actually be cold enough for him to wear them.  So I’m really proud of these because a) I finished them before his birthday; b) he likes them a lot; c) they fit him well; and d) they are exactly the same size.  Okay, I’m probably most excited about that last one.

If you check my October goals, you’ll see that I did finish the bottom-right motif on Book of Ink Circles.  However, I forgot to take a picture of it.  So this weekend you’ll get 2 shots of BoInk in one post.  I know, you’re excited.  I may actually be able to date this project 2010.

The rest of this week will be spent making a garden in the back of a vehicle.  Every year our church hosts a Trunker Treat event during the Harvest Party, and people decorate their car trunks.  Last year we were a shark, this year we’re going to be a flower garden.  My agenda for today is cutting cardboard pickets out of fabric bolt cores and making yo-yo flowers.  I may spend more time on the yo-yos than the pickets.  Just sayin’.

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