My Week In Stitches

Fairy Sisters – I did the rest of the confetti on page one and one more row.  Because the main color right now is so dark, it’s hard to see when I leave spaces for the confetti stitches.  So from now on I think I’ll do them first.  At least that’s what I think right now.

Blue Sweater – this received quite a bit of my attention this week.  I’m so happy with myself – I remembered to note on the pattern not only where I stopped, but how many more rows of that section I had left.  It saved me sooooooooo much frustration!  I still feel like it will need more reshaping, but I’m going to wait to do that until the skirt portion is finished.

Brown Sock(s) – I finished one!  I need more yarn to make the second one!  LOL – fortunately, the Etsy seller I purchased this yarn from still has the same dye lot in stock.  In my defense, I did the math based on the yardage of the yarn, and it was more than the pattern called for.  So, I was good.  Maybe the pattern only gave the amount of yarn needed for one sock instead of one pair, but that seems kind of silly.

My crochet pattern obsession continues…last night I downloaded 2 fingerless glove patterns one for DH and one for me – because sometimes you need to be able to use your fingertips when it’s cold outside.  DH’s birthday is coming up at the end of this month – I may try to surprise him with his.  Not hard, because he works evenings.  Honey, if you read my blog, now would NOT be the time to tell me. 😉

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