My Week In Stitches

Pictures are back!  I’ve started a new project (surprise, surprise).  See, I’m addicted to Ravelry’s pattern directory, LOL.  I can’t help it, I find myself searching for things to try.  So I found this pattern for socks to crochet.  This is my progress as of Friday afternoon.  I planned to take them and work on them at the retreat, but I got drawn into the games instead.  They were laughing at my sock!!!!  I think they’re just jealous, lol.  I like them, and I’ll be very happy to finish them.

Our retreat was a great success – we stayed up until 12:30 playing games, talking and laughing.  I ate too much sugar and didn’t drink enough water, and came home and took a nap before heading to the neighbor’s house for a Boise State football party.  I was glad when the planning phase was done, and I was able to relax and enjoy time with my friends.

The other project to show is a finish – a quick-stitch infinity scarf listed in my Etsy shop.  I love this vibrant red, and the Lion Brand Homespun Yarn is so thick and squishy to work with.  I’ve been playing with my camera, trying to get better looking pictures for my shop listings.  I was contacted by a blogger about featuring this item in an article.  If it happens I’ll cross-promote – her blog is well-written, and she does articles about different items on a theme.

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