My MONTH in stitches

Wow, July, where did you go?  Come back, please….no?  Fine.  To my new followers, I apologize, I normally post at least once a week.  But thank you for joining me and sticking with me.  I look forward to getting to know you better. 🙂

As you will see, I’ve been busy.  DH finished his academy for his new job, graduated, and is learning how things work.  I’ve been working on clothing for myself and the girls, and I’m also looking for part-time work.  It’s kind of funny that the looking for work takes more time than I actually will be available to work.  I have just 3 more weeks (EEK!) until the kids go to school, and the little one isn’t even registered yet.  So I’ve been slacking in more than just the blogging arena.  August will be productive, it has to be!

So….stitching is the reason you come here, and stitching updates you shall have:

BoInk – I’ve finished all the yellow borders!!!  I now have about 2.5 motifs to complete.  I’d hoped to finish by the end of July, but I’m really happy that the borders are done and I just have the fun colorful motifs left.  BTW, I’m loving this bottom right.  It’s like a combination of all the other corner ones.

Fairy Sisters – I’m moving down page one, and you can start to see where there will be something other than inky-darkness.

I also accomplished another little teacup (crochet) for the little one’s friend’s birthday present.  Sewing pictures and updates will come later this week.  They will take more explanation than I feel like giving today!

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