That was fast!

Somehow, I thought postal service to Australia would take a couple of weeks.   Pokua let me know that she’s received her TTE2 pincushion I stitched for her.  She actually commented on my post about the wine-dyed fabric, saying that now she knows what the “something special” was! LOL

back with her initials

The first thing I learned about Pokua from her blog is that she loves all things Quaker.  I chose a freebie from Tempting Tangles, who is a northern Idaho designer.  I stitched her Panoply of Posies Biscornu, and finished it as a mattress pincushion.  The second thing I learned from her blog is that she loves to make pinkeeps out of her Fair and Squares exchange pieces, so I thought I’d make her a different finish.  I charted the side pieces – actually, I charted 2 designs and let my littler one decide which one to stitch, LOL.  The Quaker-style alphabet was another freebie, but I can’t remember where I found it right now.  It seems like it was a French blog.  So fabric was originally 28-count Monaco, dyed in Shiraz (there was some shrinkage, so let’s call it 30-count now).  Fiber is DMC Blanc.

sides and close-up of the heart pins

Pokua – I’m so glad you like it, and I’m glad I had you as a partner!  It was fun to stitch for someone I’d already been getting to know, and fun to use my pretty wine-dyed fabric for such great piece! 🙂

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