Update – finishes

Okay, so I’ve slacked on the blogging, especially about my projects.  Thanks so much to everyone for reading/listening about my little banking scare.  It’s all been sorted out.  One piece of good news – I found out that the bank had discovered it 2 days before I did, and THEY deactivated my PIN.  Not the bad guys.  I just hadn’t updated my phone number with them, so they were unable to reach me by phone.  I got the letter the day after the whole fiasco.  Okay, on to the reason you stopped by:


This is the finished biscornu I made for my secret sister at church – I finished it into a pin-cushion-let (does it have an official name?  Besides “a pincusion you can wear on your wrist”?)  I wanted to show the super cute little corner detail I made for the bottom.  Which had actually started out as the top, until I realized the thread I’d chosen for the heart outline didn’t show up.  It’s adjustable with Velcro, and I managed to stuff it very firmly.  So it’s a nice plump little biscornu.  There’s no button or bead embellishment – I kept breaking the thread so I gave up on that part.  And I’m very happy with my bias-cut strip for the bracelet.  I included some cutie-pie heart-topped pins – really long, so she can actually use them on the quilts she makes for charity.
This little purse was so much fun to make.  I used 2 different colors of Vanna’s Choice (Charcoal and Linen, if you care).  The free pattern can be found here.  The upper part can be tucked down inside, and it’s just a cute little handbag, or if you need it taller (like I did today), you can pull it up.  The handle loop goes through a space in either part of the bag.  It’s so clever, I wish I’d thought it up!  It ended up being exactly checkbook width (perfect timing, too), and has enough room for my checkbook, phone, keys, a powder compact and a lip gloss.  I took the girls to a goat farm today, and stuck my camera in, and extended it so it wouldn’t be so crowded. 🙂
Someday in the near future I’ll have to update you on my WIPs – I’ve been so terrible about taking pictures lately!  Grrrrr!  Have a good week, everyone!

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  1. Very cute biscornu-pin-cushion-let! And good news on the banking issue. It's always nice that they can be alerted to problems before the customer. Mine calls to verify the last several transactions if the activity is “hookey”.


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