Learn from me, please!

I’m one of those people who never changes her password, and uses the same password for every website or account.  I know, I know, “bad Andrea”.  Lesson learned, y’all!

So I went to JoAnn today to get fabric – purple linen blend to make another top like my teal one, and some neutral bottom weights to try making capris.  Because I love dresses for summer, but I need separates, too.  I was shocked when my card was declined, reneged on my promise to the little one of McDonald’s for lunch and drove home to find out what the you-know-what was going on.  Even more shocked to find ample money (but less than I thought there should be) in the account.  As I was scanning through the transactions, I found 4 or 5 that had Euro conversions – and then I saw “Marseilles”.  CRAP!!!

Somehow, someone got my card number (just mine, not hubby’s) and was able to change my PIN and make over $1,000 in purchases over the last week!  All the purchases were made in France (which is really kinda unfair – I mean, if my money is going to be stolen in France, I’d like to at least be there).  My bank is on it – fortunately and unfortunately, they’re very efficient at replacing stolen money like this.  I have no idea how the numbers were stolen, since the card has never been out of my possession and even if it had been, the paper with the PIN on it was shredded after I memorized it.  I’m not that dumb.

So follow the advice of all the anal-retentive financial security people out there – rotate your passwords, choose things that are randomly alpha-numeric, and be aware of everything you’ve actually done online!!!

4 thoughts on “Learn from me, please!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you!!! I can totally understand cause it happened to my husband TWICE!!!! And I had to help to correct everything with the bank… It is not a fun thing at all….

    I hope you won't have to go through this again!!!!! ((HUGS))


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