Andrea is easily distracted

And I’ve developed the bad habit of thinking in the 3rd person – I blame Facebook. 🙂

But I need the distraction – I had a terrible day yesterday. I’m not going to get into it because I’m mostly over the thing that triggered it. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that I don’t talk about political things. Ever. I heard something in our local news yesterday, and felt angry enough to comment on it on Facebook. Some of my female friends were supportive of the absolute ridiculousness of this particular piece of news, while a couple of my male friends attempted to change my mind by arguing with me. What they didn’t realize is this piece of news triggered a breakdown over missing my husband. We’ve had this living in 2 states arrangement for over 18 months. I hold it together pretty well, I rarely blog about it. Honestly, it’s probably the reason I’m so productive as a stitcher – I have to keep myself busy so I don’t dwell on it, or I wouldn’t be able to function. But all that pragmatism has a price, and I paid it yesterday in the form of a choking, sobbing ugly-cry. And then a terrible headache.
But today I was distracted!!!!!! And it helped! First, I received my Altoid Tin for the TTE2 exchange from Anita. So cute! I was the first to receive in this round, and it’s sitting down on my finishing table right now for inspiration – I still have to finish my tin to send by April 1.
The other thing that really distracted me is that I discovered crafty podcasts. WOW! I know, some have been around for 4 or 5 years. I’ve had an iPod for over a year, and I just figured out how to delete songs, okay? So I now have 12 episodes of various types of craftiness to listen to while I stitch or sew on the machine. One that I’ve listened to (and I like a lot) is called Grandma’s Sewing Cupboard – a college professor turned fashion student. She has a blog by the same name. Another one I’m interested in is called Craft Lit (I haven’t listened to it yet) – from reading the info, it sounds like she reads portions of great literature so you can have a small snippet to listen to while you stitch. I was slightly obsessed this afternoon with finding the most current podcast and subscribing to some that looked active. And they’re FREE. It’s like finding great stash in the back of a closet.
Thank you, everyone, who comes by, reads, and comments. I appreciate that you are all supportive and positive. You make me feel safe to be myself all the time!!!

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  1. hey girl!!!!!!!! you hang in there. It's very tough to live in 2 diff states; been there done that for 13 LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGg years. DH traveld extensively and sometimes we'd go 8 weeks without ever seeing each other. We made (about to celebrate 25 yrs in april). It's NOT EASY but just hang in there. thank you for my blog award also!!! I will get it posted to my blog this weekend. I had oral surgery and the anesthesia is making me dizzy today; can only move my body not my head; it's crap! I have a facebook acct too and I try very hard not to comment much; it can spark some very controversial topics; I mainly look at pictures or snoop on DD and her friends, lOL!!!! I'm still praying your DH finds a job closer to home!!!


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