Decision Time!

Okay, now that I’ve completed the RR, I’m meeting my goals on Advent, and BoInk is a year in (and nearly done), I’m ready to think about my next big project. I started talking last week about some HAED patterns I was given – here’s your chance to help me decide! Should I stitch:

ETA: The HAED images are directly from the HAED website, as I didn’t feel like figuring out how to take a single image from a PDF to put it here – the Butterfly Girl pic was already an image because someone, somewhere in the world, is smarter than me. 🙂
Fairy Sisters (15 colors – my kids are not as far apart in age as the fairies in the pattern, but something about the little one reminds me of Katie). Drawback – all the colors are REALLY dark.
Alexa Flower Fairy (about 50 colors) – this just looks bright and cheerful to me, but I wonder if I would get bored with it?
Butterfly Girl (33 colors – not HAED, but has the same style) – I don’t know who the designer is, but the first page of the chart is in Cyrillic characters.

6 thoughts on “Decision Time!

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  1. Butterfly Girl. As you said, Fairy Sisters is very dark and Alexa Flower Fairy looks very boring to me, but then again I'm not that into cute. I think Butterfly Girl has the best mix of light, dark, and mystery. It's lovely.


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