Friday evening quickness

Do you ever have thoughts in your head that you just have to get out? That’s what I’m dealing with right now!

I did a chart trade with a lady on Facebook – I sent her a chart I’d already stitched, and she sent me a few electronic copies of some of her charts. I looked more closely at them and discovered that I now possess not 1 but 2 HAED charts! I was just lamenting on Shelleen’s blog that everyone seems to be doing some HAED, and I have these gorgeous charts just sitting in my Inbox – not even downloaded to my computer!! *sigh* Looking at those got me searching through HAED’s vast catalog again, there are so many I want to do, I’m making a list. But I’m NOT starting any new projects until I finish at least 1 WIP – and I have 1 very close to being done. So stay tuned – I may ask you guys to help me decide which to stitch first. 🙂
Something else that’s slightly interesting in my stitchy-world: Some of you may remember last fall when I found Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Needlework at my local library – around the time I began doing blackwork. I found it on Amazon for a great price and bought it for myself – and it arrived today! I also purchased another book, but I’m still waiting for it to arrive, so I’ll keep it a secret until then!

4 thoughts on “Friday evening quickness

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  1. So cool that she sent you 2 of the HAED charts! I have several in my “wishlist” account on their website, but find some of them to be a bit pricey. So they will sit there until mid-April when I will have a little extra cash for stash! Have you downloaded any of their free charts? I have a couple. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of their site to find the link.


  2. I was looking for free charts, and couldn't find any. How clever, they get you searching all through the catalog, making a wish list – and the free ones are at the bottom!

    Jules, they also have a “reward” program (I'm sure you've seen it) – if you stitch one of their purchased patterns and submit photos according to their guidelines, you can choose a pattern of equal or lesser value for free – so it's kind of a buy-one, get-one thing. 🙂


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