New stash!

I promised some eye candy didn’t I? This last weekend JoAnn had an incredible sale (any time things I actually USE are on sale it’s an incredible sale) – I’m going to show the pictures first, inventory everything, and tell you how much I saved at the end. 😉

So, it was Presidents’ Day weekend in the U.S., which means a Monday off for the kids and an excuse for the stores to get people inside from Friday through Monday. I got: 5 Simplicity patterns for $5 (yes, total, not each), 4 skeins of embroidery floss (it was buy 3 get 1 free and I needed more 500 and blanc), 4 lengths of fabric – 2 for tops, 2 for skirts, and a spool of thread to match one of the fabrics (I have matchy-matches for the rest already). It’s not a great picture, I know – my table was crowded and it was almost sunset when I took the pic.

Here’s a close-up of 2 of the fabrics – a kind of sparkly stretch denim for a skirt and a pretty teal cotton for a top – it has a subtle texture to it. It’s not as insanely bright as it looks in the pic. Again, I had lighting issues. The color is really closer to the blue in the above picture 😉
And here are the other 2 – a khaki twill for a skirt and a GORGEOUS!!!! Missoni print knit for a top. I’m so excited to use this, but I’ve never worked with knit before, so I’ll do the teal top first to figure out the pattern (I don’t truly understand instructions until I’ve followed them at least once). I’ve already started the twill skirt – it’s a bias skirt with only 2 pieces to cut!

Okay, now for the really awesome part – I spent all of $25.33 – I SAVED $87.66!! The denim and 2 fabrics for tops were 50% off the clearance price, the twill was 30% off, and with the patterns being $1 each, well you can imagine how much I saved on each of those. I was so excited when she read that total off to me! LOL My goal now is to finish all of these garments before Easter. The skirt is easy so far – I managed to pre-wash, press, cut and pin the pieces in 2 hours (which is fast for me). Tomorrow I’ll do the side seams and the elastic and hem it on Thursday, then I’ll decide if I’m going to do a top or the other skirt. 🙂

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