My Week In Stitches

Sunday (and a little bit of Monday) – BoInk – pay close attention to the bottom right 😉

Tuesday (and a little bit of Wednesday) – Pixie’s Lady – I started on her hair

Wednesday night – finished the Cluny Lace I started last week. It’s about 24 inches long.

Thursday – SHOCK!! Day 9 of the Advent Calendar!

Friday & Saturday – more Advent!!!!!

Happy Valentine’s day, dear readers! I’m missing my hubby again this year, but he was able to get time off AND purchase plane tickets for early April, so he’ll be home for my birthday! 🙂 You can see, I’ve finally gotten back into my rotation (which means real progress on Advent, not just intentions). I discovered that it’s difficult to watch a fascinating Opening Ceremonies AND stitch at the same time, so I didn’t bother taking a pic after Friday and just combined Friday & Saturday’s work.

Since the Cluny lace is a “finish”, I’ll give you the specs – size 10 bamboo crochet thread in “natural” (I love the way this feels), on a size 6 hook. I was measuring my length with a piece of paper – one length of paper was 11 inches, 2 lengths is 22 inches, and mine ended up being a little longer than 2 lengths. Someday I’ll take it down stairs and actually measure it. 🙂 After I finished off the ends, I started playing around with the same thread and hook and trying to make a narrower ribbon, and I think I have one I like. I’ll pull it back out on Wednesday and work on it a little more.
I hope you all have a great week, and keep checking back – I have eye candy planned!!

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