Sometimes intentions are what really count

I fully intended to hop back on here last Saturday and post some pics and my goals. Really. I did.

So keep reading, and you’ll find some pictures at the bottom. I haven’t listed my goals for 2010 or January yet, although I did update my stitching schedule. 🙂 My current stitching includes PIF #3 – Zsuzsa, I’m so sorry I haven’t sent it to you yet!!! I won’t be running another PIF this year, I think I’ll stick to RAKs.
See, the problem is, I’ve had 3 illnesses in the last month. I’ve had the FLU, laryngitis and now a plain nagging cold. But I’ve had an annoying cough that has not gone away in between illnesses. My husband is home for a visit, and made me go to a doctor. The doctor ordered a chest x-ray (negative) and decided I have “bronchitis or some inflammation of the airway”. So for the first time in my life I have an inhaler. Not fun at all, and I’m glad I only need to use it for 5 days. It does seem to be helping already, though.
I’m glad to have hubby home for a nice long visit – hee-hee – I made him take down the outside lights yesterday when it was 22 degrees. Today we finish with the undecorating, and then he will become a slave driver with unpacking boxes still stacked in the garage from June, and making me make decisions about whether to keep things or donate/toss. But maybe the garage will be organized when we’re done. 🙂
So while I was sick, I did a lot of crochet. I think that was easier on my eyes and my head when I felt “fuzzy” than crossing x’s. I made a tote-bag for my niece-in-law, and 3 more infinity scarves (I only have a pic of one). 🙂
Thank you for stopping by! If you make resolutions, I hope you are holding to them! If not, then welcome to the club! 🙂

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