Happy dancing into the New Year!

I still haven’t added beads. But both Emmas have had a good press, and I photographed them side-by-side so you can get the full effect (names are at the top, I cropped them out of these pictures since these are gifts for actual people I know. 🙂 I’m very happy with the way they turned out, although I still wish I’d been able to flip the chart and stitch them so their mother could have them facing each other.

Here’s the full-size of Emma #2. So glad I changed to ecru. The “box stitches” of the lace were actually done in a flesh tone, because I couldn’t see the ecru on the mint green fabric. If you’re curious, this piece has taken me over 2 years – I posted a finish of Emma #1 on November 20, 2007. I started Emma #2 pretty soon after that. In that time, we’ve moved 3 times.

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