Merry Christmas!

Things have reached a lull in our home today – after an hour and a half of unwrapping! Every time I think that the kids aren’t getting that much for Christmas, somehow their gifts multiply! There’s a life metaphor in there somewhere…
So since we live 500 miles from the rest of our family, the rest of Christmas day has become very quiet at our house. We enjoyed a Christmas Eve service at church last night, survived the flurry of activity that is Christmas morning, and now the children are nicely playing with their new Barbie dolls and TinkerBell. I believe this afternoon we will settle in for TinkerBell & The Lost Treasure and a game of Operation.
This is the first year we’ve let the girls really pick out gifts on their own (with adult supervision and purchasing power). Katie picked out a horse for Hallie, and later Hallie saw the same horse in the store and ran up and said, “Oh, I love it!” Very sweet that Katie picked out something before Hallie even knew she wanted it. I have to share what Hallie picked out for me – something I really NEEDED:
A craft organizer/tote! You’ll notice that I’ve already filled it! (Please ignore the evidence of Christmas carnage in the background.) The blue/khaki bundle is a tote bag I’m making for my niece-in-law (y’all didn’t know I was old enough to have one of those, did ya?) – I don’t know when we’ll see them, but she called asking what the girls were into, so I figured I should finish this BEFORE we see them. I will probably work on it during the TinkerBell movie. (FYI, in case you don’t have a 4-year-old in your house, Tink is a BIG deal.)
I hope you all had a safe, happy holiday and have very few reasons to brave the return lines at stores! Merry Christmas!

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