I didn’t get pictures snapped on Saturday, let alone posted. I’ve been working on my angel stitching for TTE – I worked on it all weekend and some yesterday. So now I just have to backstitch the edges so I can finish it.

Here’s BoInk from last-last week (the 13th). I finished the left-hand cross. I didn’t stitch on it at all this week, because I feel like it’s important to finish this angel stitching before the end of the year. And I can be kind of unfocused at this time of year. So I’m being responsible and finish-finishing things that have to be sent away so that I can enjoy Christmas and my completing stitching for the last week of the year.

And here’s the mobius scarf I finished. This is a variegated pink-red yarn. It’s long enough for me to wrap once around my neck and pull it up over my ears, or for Katie to wear wrapped twice around her neck and over her ears – so she could pull a layer over her nose and mouth, and no worries about her hat getting lost.
Also, I heard from the recipient of the gifts I made for the FB group – she’s a fellow cross-stitcher! I was so happy to hear that they arrived in time for Christmas, I was a little worried when that giant storm rolled over the east coast that some of the mail would be delayed. The USPS come through again!
One more thing! Please remember to vote in my poll (right-hand side). There are only 5 votes! The poll will be open through Christmas day, which is this Friday!!! To see the projects, click here. Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy, safe, blessed holiday season everyone!

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