Saturday update

So today’s update has progress and…a finish!!!

First, BoInk. I completed the upper-center motif – kind of like a phoenix, I think. So the whole upper portion is DONE!!!!!!!!! I also started the yellow frame on the right-hand cross. Hallie was looking at this piece and noticed the large crosses, and I said, “Look at the squares, there are crosses between the stitches.” She looked closer and found a bunch of them!

And my finish. #1 of the 3-part snowflake ornie set – a humbug! I decided not to participate in the TTE2 humbug exchange, but the finishes have been so cute, and I like how the large center snowflake wraps around the front. I also finished the biscornu ornie, but I forgot to take a pic. I’m also thinking that piece #3 will be a beaded snowflake, if I can remember where I put them. 🙂
And in a case of my “best laid plans”, I’m also ready to start finishing the minty ornies. So I went to find my Peppermint Oil (we’ve had it since Hallie was a baby, something about my grandmother used to give babies a taste of candy canes when their tummies were upset…), and guess what. I couldn’t find the Peppermint Oil. We’ve had it for almost 7 years, moved it umpteen times, and THIS time I can’t find it when I finally have a use for it. Fortunately, the spiraly-ness and the color scheme are strong enough to convey that it should smell like mint. Besides, peppermint oil doesn’t really smell like a candy cane, I need spearmint or wintergreen or something. (This is how I justify things in my real life, too…)

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  1. BoInk is looking really good! And the humbug is great! I sat out of this one too and I've been admiring them… may need to try my hand at it too, well done!!


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