I did it again!!

Ugh! But at least NaBloPoMo has kept me coming back to post MOST days. I have been working really hard on these 2 ornament sets – I have stitching completed on 2 of the 3 peppermint ones, and am beginning finishing. The un-minty ones are going to be slightly easier finishes, but I’m playing around with embellishment.

Today I received my PIF from Carol S, and I’ll post a pic tomorrow after I drag my camera downstairs. I think I may have put off the germies as long as I could – I had a low-grade fever and a headache this afternoon, and I’m kind of fuzzy-headed right now. So I have very little energy for going up and down the stairs. My fever is gone, so I hope it was a little tiny mild germy thing. But I’m giving myself permission to not stitch tonight, hopefully my eyes and fingers will feel like focusing tomorrow. 🙂

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