As if I don’t have enough to do…

In all fairness, I agreed to make gifts for a Facebook group long before I decided to make an advent calendar. I just didn’t start long before the advent calendar. So here is one piece of a 3-piece ornament set, snowflake inspired. This one is blackwork (my design!), and I used the new threads I got at the LNS I found. I actually used one strand of each color, to give it more dimension. And also because the light blue didn’t show up against the white fabric. I’m not sure the scan does it justice, but it should be clickable. It’s really stunning in person, if I say so myself. 🙂

ETA – The photo IS clickable – and it gets really big, and you can see the light blue all twisty around the darker blues. 🙂

There will also be a 3-piece peppermint-scented ornament set. I’ve started work on those, too. When inspiration strikes, you’ve got to go with it!

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