Saturday update

I got into a crochet mood this week. I think because it was so stormy early in the week, it made me want to be cozy with some yarn. 🙂

These are not all meant to go together. I just photographed them together. The first project (which is a finish) is a pink camo cell phone holder/mini purse (it’s a gift for someone I know in RL). I say mini purse because it’s actually larger than my cell phone. I forget where I found the instructions, but I think they were written when phones were larger. I made the handle long enough to loop around a purse handle, or just hang on a wrist. It may not be completely finished. I may add a top flap. The other 2 pieces DO go together – a mini tote and a matching pouch. The little “bubbles” are made from tc in a sc row (pattern is “Little Textured Tote”, from projects). The handles still need to be sewn in, and I need to close up the sides of the pouch. Still deciding if I’ll attach it inside the tote, or make a handle like the other’s. Keep watching, I’m thinking about giving this away when it’s done. It would make a great project tote, with tool/thread holder. 🙂
BoInk – I finished the top center motif and started the right side motif. I did the pale colors first. I cheated a little and stitched on Monday, for good reason – I did not have enough blue in my needle to finish the center motif, so I had to do another pull of thread. Then I would have had 2-ply in my needle (parked like the black), and 4-ply left hanging around for a whole week. I would hate to lose perfectly good thread, and I know the way my brain works. So I went ahead and started the other motif, and did the yellow on it while I was at it. 🙂 I think this side motif is my favorite so far. It reminds me of a treble clef.
I made some progress on my desk this morning. We’re having company this afternoon, and my desk is in the living room, and in view of the front door. I end up with papers from school and church all over the place, and just had to go through everything and toss most of it. So I have room to pull my keyboard forward again and actually type comfortably!

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