Saturday update

Okay, I have to start off with a French blog I just discovered. Probably most of you have visited it already. 3 years ago, she posted a series of free charts to create an advent calendar. My children have only had an advent calendar one year, and I keep telling people not to buy them one, because I’m going to make a permanent one. So I’m setting it out there, a crazy goal: From November 1 through November 24, I will stitch one square a day. And it will be finish-finished by November 30. 🙂 I’m really happy to be in more of a Christmas mood this year than I was last year, and I plan to take advantage of it.

Stitching updates: I made a TON of progress on the first day of stitching the TTE2 needlebook. It was fun. I chose yummy colors. Also, I did some more stitches on Emma, but not as many as I wanted. I’m really having to push myself to get any stitches in her. Note to everyone: shiny mint-green Aida is not the best fabric to stitch faux-lace on. Especially light-colored faux-lace. I’m now using one of the flesh colors for the “netting”, and in real life the effect is there. It just doesn’t show up when I scan.

Finally, BoInk. Getting the green done on that left side is a HUGE milestone in this project, I think. I picked up more orange at JoAnn’s today (they remodeled my JoAnn’s, which is nice – the fabric section is less crowded, and the cutting station is in the center of the store – but they moved the cross stitch stuff to the back, and it took a while to find things). I took the whole project in to match thread color. Of course, I didn’t take the empty bobbin with the thread color # on it. So I did it by closest match, which may be a better route than just relying on color #. If I didn’t still have a tiny bit of that bottom foot to do, it might not even matter!

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