Finishes, starts and everything in between

So I have finish-finished all my clothing sewing projects. Mind you, I wanted to finish these by the beginning of summer. Now that we have a weekend with highs in the 40s, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have finished my sleeveless denim dress, lol. I’ll try it on and have Hallie take a picture of me wearing it, but not until I’ve done hair and makeup. I know, but it’s a thing for me.

PIF #2 is in the finishing stages. Like I could sit down and finish it tomorrow during the (5)BSU game.
So since I’ve made so (sew?) much progress on these other projects (and you’ll see progress pics on BoInk and Emma tomorrow), I’ve decided it’s time to start new ones!
I need to repair (and by repair, I mean make again from scratch) Hallie’s scarf. The places where I tied the colors together have come untied, so I’m going to try changing colors but leaving the yarn all one piece. I charted what I’m going to stitch for the TTE2 Needlebook exchange this morning, and had a fun time doing that. I also know what I’ll stitch for PIF #3, and how I want to finish, but I have to sit down with paper, pencil and math to figure out how to do what I want to do.
I haven’t set goals the past couple of months, I’ve just been plugging away on things. But I’ll start with goals again for October:
Hallie’s scarf – finish by 10/5
Finish PIF#2 – mail by 10/15
Stitch and finish TTE Needlebook – mail by 10/31
Complete Emma #2 by 10/31
Weekly progress on BoInk – complete 2 more motifs and complete left side of frame
Design gift for a FB group give-away – 10/25
Other stuff:
Organize desk once and for all. I mean it this time. 10/6
Bring up and put away a box of books from the garage. 10/7
Start home-based business. I know what it is, I just need to finish my start-up cost. I’ll tell more about it when it’s running. 🙂 10/10

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