Things I can show!

Amanda e-mailed me to let me know that her package arrived safely. So I can finally show the blogoversary giveaway! It was a fun stitching set done on my hand-dyed 22-count. All from one piece – I used the edges where I cut out the hardanger to stitch the floss tag and the pieces for the scissor fob.

The biscornu – Hardanger on one side (with a turquoise lining, see the “whole package” shot below), a little blackwork motif on the other side. And a really pretty bead.

The floss tag – says “Floss”,
and the “hem” is done in blackwork – I stitched the top together. She could actually put several rings in the tag.

The scissor fob – I stitched it as a positive and negative of the same motif – the negative side was done with mosaic stitch, so the relief of the floral motif really stands out. This was fun to stitch, I think I’ll make another for myself.

The whole package – I included some DMC basics (yes, I mailed DMC product to Europe – GASP!). Just black, white, ecru, red and green – perfect for her holiday stitching.

Also, Anna announced the winners of the Swirlygig contest – it wasn’t me, lol. Although I was strongly tempted to vote for the winner – a pillow with a “rainbow” color scheme and colorful tassels on the corners. Mine was autumn colors on a pretty pale lavender fabric (Silkweaver Solo, 32 count evenweave) – I finished into an iPod holder. This was what I was talking about, that I decided on the finish after I’d already hemmed the piece – you can see the extra stitches where I attached the clasp piece (clasp piece is lined with a khaki remnant) . It snaps in the back.

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