Saturday update

Showable work this week on BoInk. I ran out of orange! Ack! It was already bundled on a floss holder, and I misjudged how much I had! So I will have to take the piece with me shopping for replacement thread, and PRAY that I can get a match. I didn’t do that when I ran out of the skin color on the Egyptian RR, and Pharaoh’s right arm is a different color than the rest of him, lol. Tomorrow I’ll be working green, yellow and purple on the top right motif and in the frame!

Lots of progress is being made on one PIF, and I have an intriguing idea for the other.
I’m really enjoying using the Encyclopedia of Needlework – I renewed it once at the library, and have to return it on the 14th. I’m incorporating more counted stitches into work and adding more texture. It’s so fun!
Can I just take a minute to say how excited I was that the University of Washington beat USC last week? They went from a 15 game losing streak to #24 in the nation. Also, a big “Go Broncos” to Boise State – #8 in the country (and a thank you to USC and BYU for losing so horribly last week). BTW, I’m a college football fan, in addition to baseball. But baseball’s almost over, and the Mariners are nearly mathematically out of the post season, so let the BCS watch begin!

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