Saturday update

Work to show this week: BoInk and Emma’s Garden. If you are my friend on Facebook and you want to see what I’ve been doing for the PIF, you can go look in my Wall Photos. You know how it kills me to not show progress pics!!!!! I had to post it somewhere!

BoInk – Black framework is DONE!!!!!!! I moved on to the top right motif because I still had a bit of black in my needle. You can see my left-over red parked. Like I said, I’m trying to force myself to finish one motif at a time. The only exception is when I finish a color in a motif, I’ll use the left-over thread from that color in framework (green, yellow, feet colors). It looks so much better with the frames in place, and I feel better knowing that all that counting is done and CORRECT!! 🙂

For Emma – I did switch to ecru for the lace. After pulling out the white, I was a little annoyed, so I didn’t touch her for a couple of weeks. But a good, nerve-wracking football game keeps me moving along. You should be able to see that my needle is in the lace portion under the center of the scene. I did one row all the way across as a reference point, and also so it feels more do-able. Right now I’m stitching the “construction” part of the lace, in 2 strands of Ecru (it’s supposed to be done in 12 pearl cotton, but I don’t have size 12 in Ecru. 2 strands of 25= 1 length of 12.) I have another college football game to watch this afternoon (go Huskies!), so I hope to finish the “12” work. After that, I’ll have netting to stitch in 1 strand of Ecru, and blanket stitches and long satin stitches in size 8. And beads. And a tiny bit of stem back-stitching. And the personalization.
Today, I have a swimming pool to empty, some more weeds to knock down, and I would like to go looking for hardware pieces for making the roman shade. Thanks for everyone who commented on my other post, especially with more ideas to look at. I like looking at multiple tutorials, I think reading more than 1 way of doing something helps me understand it better and feel like I can do it on my own. I sometimes pick and choose from different tutorials to find the easiest way to do something. 😉

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