The winner is………

There were 9 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. amanda
  2. robin_titan
  3. Rebekah
  4. SueFitz
  5. Cole
  6. FIONA
  7. Nita
  8. smilen1004
  9. Theresa

Congratulations, amanda!!! I’ll be e-mailing you for your snail mail.

Now for my recap of my year. I didn’t do this last year. Blogging was hit or miss for me. But I’ve really found a lot of joy in it this year! And I’ve had a lot to show!
Finish-finishes!!!! – 3 dresses, 1 shirt, 1 little kid purse, 1 crocheted baby doll, 3 scarves, 13 tote bags with stitched pockets, 3 embroidered evening bags, 1 PIF flat-fold, 1 doggie picture, 2 scissor fobs, 2 biscornu, 1 floss tag, 1 Lizzie*Kate picture frame, 3 ornaments and one Family Tree Book. That’s 39 finishes – I averaged 3 a month! I can’t believe it (not all finishes are pictured)! (The Picasa mosaic idea was blatantly stolen from Theresa)
SAL, RR and WIPs – I started BoInk, I got back into doing lessons for the Hardanger tutorial and posted SAL patterns (I don’t feel it’s complete, and it’s not finish-finished, so it’s still a WIP), and participated in the 3 Ladies RR (okay, so I still have Pixie’s round 6). Emma’s Garden #2 is on it’s way to completion – lace and beads remain. I dyed my own fabric in a mix of coffee and tea.
In blogging, I created 178 posts – that averages a little over 3 each week! Most coments were on the Blogoversary Give-Away sign-ups and my birthday. 🙂 I learned how to create a 3-column blog page and change the background at will. My friend Laura made me a beautiful header, and I made my own for the Etsy shop and my gallery blog.
I also moved twice, sent a child off to school, and got a dog. Here’s to a more sedate year #3!!

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me comments. You too do beautiful work and I can not believe we have not come across each others blogs! At least we have now and I will be back often!!!


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