Stitching updates before I fly away

My flight leaves in 6 hours, 18 minutes, but who’s counting? LOL Here are some updates to tide you all over:

Emma #2. I finished the hollyhock stems. The only backstitching left is a leaf detail and the ribbon at her waist (and the personalization). I stopped backstitching because I realized that some of what I was doing in green as greenery detail was actually supposed to be in white pearl #8 – lace detail. Grr. So I switched to pearl #12 to start some of that lace. It doesn’t show up very well on the pale green (another grr) – I’m hoping that when I add the texture with the other thickness of white thread it will be more visible. I could still pull it out and make the lace ecru and white. I feel like it’s early enough that I’m not fully committed. (Although, maybe I should be committed for doing this pattern TWICE.) I don’t have ecru #12 or it would be a no-brainer. I’ll look at the colors and the textures and see what happens after my trip.

BoInk – I took out the cat portion, and I like the way this looks. I also made great progress on the right side – finished the outline of the knot and worked my way just past the top of the botton right motif. Could I dare hope to be done with the black outline in 2 (maybe 3) weeks? Now I just have to find my other skein of 310 – I pulled out 3 for this project, I’ve used 2, and the 3rd is not in the project baggie. I have more downstairs, but I carefully matched them up to be sure I was using skeins with the same level of saturation. I have one bag of “moving” stuff I can check, but it will wait until I get back, too.
I’m taking blogoversary stitching with me – did I mention that already? I have hopes of finishing the stitching on this and actually having it DONE by the blogoversary, September 2. 🙂

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