I now have a shopping cart on my Gallery site (click on the tan button to the left). I have 3 items listed for sale, and with the PayPal button, it’s easy, secure and no hassle. 🙂

And now for some picture updates (from last week):

BoInk – it looks like I’ll need to skip the cat from the bottom corners and the bottom knot – I think this was supposed to be a 15×18 cut of fabbie (I always calculate 3 or 4 times and order larger than I need). But looking at the serging, it is NOT straight. The fabric threads are crossed at an angle, so I won’t have room to do all the work at the bottom. I may modify the corner a bit so I don’t have to remove it all. That way it will have colorful “feet”, even if it doesn’t have the bottom knot.
For anyone who’s curious, this is dove grey monaco (undied), ordered from Enchanted Fabrics. I have to say that so far I’m more impressed with Silkweaver’s range, sizing and shipping speed. Although since I normally do smalls, and can get many pieces out of one cut of fabric, I’m not ruling out ordering from EF again. I’m just miffed right now.

And here’s Stitching for a Cure ornie #3 – Cure snowflake, finished as a cylinder! I’m so excited this worked. I picked up the accent fabric for another project and just cut little squares, turned the stitching RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, pinned the accent fabric to the backstitch lines so that all my raw edges would stay inside when I flipped, and did like a double-running stitch by hand (repeat on bottom). Then I flipped, stuffed and whip-stitched the backstitch lines together. The loop is more of the gold and silver wire twist with a cute accent bead, and a ring of silver-lined clear beads. I think if I make more of these, I’ll attach the loop/beads before I stuff and close it. I tried to make a dangle on the bottom, but wasn’t able to make enough passes through the beads and fabric to make it secure. That will take practice.

Dresses – finished! Hallie’s pink star dress – I put pockets on this one, trimmed with left-over ribbon. It’s really cute, but I’m glad to be done with these. Please ignore my messy closet – I have yet to organize the “stuff” in there – my mother’s coats, wrapping paper, and fabrics that I eventually want to put on pant hangers so I can see what I have.

And my khaki dress – I added ties, took in the sides, and turned over hooks. I have one more dress to make for me, in a pretty embroidered denim (fixing things as I go so I don’t have to redo later). I’m also going to make a dress for Katie out of the same denim fabric – I may make it in next year’s size, though! This denim is like 72″ wide, so I know I’ll have enough for Katie’s dress, and maybe enough for a straight skirt. (Note: the denim is not pictured anywhere, I say that to save your eyes from strain.)

This weekend is Facebook’s monthly SAL, and I’m pulling Emma #2 back out for backstitching. I started some of the hollyhock stems a long time ago, I plan to finish those and who knows what else. It would be nice to get started on the lace as well.

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  1. What a great progress post!! That's too bad about your fabric for BoInk, I hope you get it to work out. And I LOVE your Cure ornie, it's so delicate 🙂 Great work Andrea!


  2. Your BoInk is looking good! Sorry about the fabric not being big enough. Hopefully it won't be too hard to figure out a way to make it work. I've never had any problems with any of my orders from EF. Hopefully it was a one-time fluke.


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