Saturday update

Here’s BoInk through Sunday. I’ve been forgetting to take pics. I’ve got the black borders down the center almost to the bottom. I was starting to get nervous about fabric size, so this makes me feel better. See, I get ALL the black done, then there’s nothing left but fun color!

Here’s Breast Cancer Awareness – before finishing and stuffing. I couldn’t get a good pic last night, but here you can see the front and back. Instead of just doing a diamond of beads, I made a bead flower blooming out of the word “cure”. I hand-twisted the darker green thread for a hanger, and it’s going in an envelope to wait for the whole package to be ready to send to Donna!
Here’s the second ornament “Hope Snowflake”. I stitched this over-1 on the same 28-count as the above. Not something I recommend for an ornament that will be beaded. I found a scrap of crystally-pink fabric, and attached some silver-lined clear beads for sparkle on the front and back. I twisted gold and silver wire together to make a hanger. This one I stitched on 3 sides on the sewing machine – just need to stuff and stitch the bottom.
Here’s ornament #3 for me – “Cure Snowflake”. This is on 22-count, so the design area is bigger, but my eyes and fingers are happier. Ready to add beads, and I have an interesting idea for finishing this. You’ll have to wait until next week to see if it works or not.
I’m also working on my blogiversary giveaway! I’m also starting to get some good ideas for my 2 remaining PIFs. I have not forgotten!

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