Weekend update

We cleaned the old house yesterday. Mom is going over to shampoo the carpets this afternoon, and our landscaper neighbor will mow the lawn for us on Tuesday. (If he had a website, I’d plug him.)

We’re starting to get into a normal routine, so I can get back to normal stitching. I managed to do some stitching this week:

A finish on Rebekah’s Lady! I did round 5 and 6, and I’ll send this when I get a chance to go to the post office. And I’ll send you a facebook message about the rest of the package. 😦 I’m blaming my husband.

BoInk update – border stitching is tedious, but I’m getting it done. I did not stitch at all last Sunday, but I’ve been doing a little evening stitching during the week when I feel like it – check out the other participants, and you’ll see that I’m WAY behind. And yes, I’ve given up on gridding. Now that I have my width, I’m confident that I can keep the stitches is the right place.

And a new WIP! I promised myself that once we moved I’d start on the ornament stitching for Stitching for a Cure, so here’s ornament #1, Breast Cancer Awareness. I’m not using any of the called-for colors, but I’m finally dipping into the Six Strand Sweets stash I’ve received – this is “raspberry peach”, which I’ll augment with greens and another pink from my DMC stash. This is over-1 on 28-count antique white something-or-other (it’s been out of the package for a long time, and I’m even guessing on the thread count). I may do my second ornie on different fabric so it won’t be SO tiny.
That’s it for this week! I’ve also added another article to my gallery blog, please visit when you have a chance. Thanks!

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