Saturday Update – no pics

Let’s face it, I’ve been on picture overload with the house stuff. The only stitching I’ve accomplished has been some yellow on the right top motif frame on BoInk.

Thanks for everyone who looked at the paint samples, the unanimous winner is Dark Toast – when I looked at the colors in the room and with the quilt my grandmother made for us, it worked the best as well. Now if I can only remember to keep the floss samples with me when I go shopping so I can make fabric decisions…
I took the girls to the library this afternoon, and picked up a couple of books for me, too – they had the Reader’s Digest Big Book of Cross-Stitch Designs. It was the only cross stitch pattern book I saw that had Quaker-style patterns (they’re starting to capture my interest, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to a full-size chart). Just thumbing through, I also saw some patterns that screamed biscornu – I can’t help myself anymore! Hallie’s wants to learn cross stitch, so I may copy off some easy patterns for her, and I’ll teach her once I find my stitching fabric and floss. I also picked up The Forest House by Marion Zimmer Bradley – I’ve read The Lady of Avalon, and started The Mists of Avalon (had to take it back before I finished, and I was overwhelmed by the size when I saw it again today). I must say after reading some of this series, I understand the 3 Ladies round robin a bit more. I’m excited to get my Faerie Queen back and finish her.
Have a great weekend – I’m very excited that my husband was able to score some more days off work and will be here for Father’s Day. They’re days without pay, which sucks, but we really need the time all together, without having to worry about finishing projects. If anyone’s looking to add to their prayer list, my husband really needs to find a job in Idaho, so we can stop paying rent in Seattle.

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  1. I am so far behind on blog reading but I see you are in the new house!!! wooho…that's great news. I'll put your DH on my prayer list. We've lived apart like you are doing before (for 13yrs) and it's so hard, especially on the kids. I will def pray he finds something at “home”….
    love the dark toast color also 🙂
    I'm sending a “RAK, PIF” your way next week, but I'll email you the day it goes out so you'll be on the look out!
    take care


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