House update (forgive me if I nod off mid-typ….)

11 addresses in less than 10 years of marriage. That’s where we are. I am so sick of moving, and no, I’m not all that good at it. I cannot explain the relief I feel in knowing that we are here as long as we want to be here. No landlords selling out from under us, no feeling so cramped for space that we have no choice but to move. And we’re starting to enjoy it. The space is so bright – when I go back to the other house to pack up more things (virtually the same layout) I feel like I have to turn lights on.

A couple of update pics on Hallie’s room (excuse the mess, she found a box of toys that were never unpacked from our move to Idaho). She chose the colors, based on colors that would go with her quilt.

A picture of Katie’s room – the same pink, with a blue that will go with the curtains I made when she was a baby. The curtains aren’t up yet – we ordered room-darkening shades from Levolor – they’re wonderful!

And the living room accent wall – we’re putting up crown molding, don’t worry. I’m not the world’s best painter, and my husband realizes this.
Our bedroom will be on hold – I have color swatches, but I really want a pulled-together room with coordinating bedspread, curtains, wall color, and I can’t do that in a rush. So I’ll live with primer and everything until I find exactly what I want.
Stitching has also been on hold – Rebekah, I’ll send your Lady off as soon as she’s done. I have 1.5 colors left on her. I’ll have a bit more time to stitch after this week – we are entering the new lighting/hanging curtains phase, in addition to packing and unpacking.

2 thoughts on “House update (forgive me if I nod off mid-typ….)

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  1. Wow you really must be ready to settle down in one place for a long time.

    It's a very pretty shade of pink that you've chosen for the two rooms.

    Can't believe how much progress you have made in such a short time, it would take me years to get that far.


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