House Update

Before and During pics below (no afters yet) – we worked on taking down curtains and old curtain hardware.  All the brackets for the hardware had been painted at least once.  I spent so much time on this project, that I didn’t get to removing switchplate covers and things.  We also started removing the wallpaper borders.  You can see the loooong hallway of garden-flowers, and a close-up of the pretty moose border downstairs.

Today’s work resulted in removal of border from under the dining room window and the right-hand side of the hallway (almost to the first bedroom door).  And removal of the silly wood medallions and FOAMY STICKERS – did a grown-up person live here?  My goodness!
On tomorrow’s agenda (after church) – prime the black and gold walls in Hallie’s room.  Oh, yes, black and gold.
Andrea’s DIY tip for renovations – use curtains that were left behind by the previous owner as dropcloths for wallpaper removal.  They will protect the carpet from the removal spray, and catch all the little bits of paper in an easy-to-bundle, well, bundle.  And no guilt about tossing it.  Yes, that’s right!  There were curtains (FABRIC!) that I could have cut down and re-used.  I resisted, and the clean-up so far has been super easy!!!!!!

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