Goal review time

How did I do in May?

Finish-finish Dove Love. That means all stitches in all pieces of fabric, every drop of glue dried, finished product mailed before May 31. – Yes!  Mailed May 15
Finish cross stitches on Emma #2. I only have 2 shades of pink left. I think that goal is totally achievable. –
Sew dresses, but not until I finish stitching Dove Love finish. –
Khaki dress started and nearly complete

Dare I set any goals for June?

Pack, move, paint…new house stuff.  I’m still waiting for the final word, but at this moment my mother is at the title company.  We will get keys Friday.
Finish khaki dress by June 5.
Complete cross stitches on round 6 of Earth Goddess and mail by June 15, mail what I have completed of Dark Sorceress to Pixie at the same time.

I know I’ll continue to stitch on Emma during the move, and BoInk, I need something to do with my hands when I’m stressed.  Like right now I’m blogging and avoiding packing.

2 thoughts on “Goal review time

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  1. Hey! I'm so behind on blog reading; which house did you end up buying and please email me (klpich@aol.com) your new address because I have some surprises coming your way…..
    good luck moving!



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