House update – this is my unhappy face :(

Short story, we don’t have keys.  Mom hasn’t signed.  On Thursday (day before we were supposed to close) the mortgage insurance company decided to ask for ONE more piece of information – verification of rental payments for the last 12 months.  Apparently, this is new information required due to the increased scrutiny on the lending industry.

I have no problem providing this information.  I think it’s GREAT that they are asking for it, perhaps if they’d had this step 3 or 4 years ago, a lot of the sub-prime mess could have been avoided.  My problem is they waited until the DAY BEFORE CLOSING to ask for it.  We’ve rented from private owners, i.e. PEOPLE.  Not companies.  People move slowly.  Not our current landlords.  They responded right away, let me know they’d sent the information, no problem.  They’re motivated to have us get the keys, as they’re moving back in when we move out.  The previous landlord is the hold-up.  I remember she took DAYS to get the information to our current landlords when we moved here.  She has no motivation to get the information, and quite frankly, is not the most pleasant person to deal with.  Fortunately, we had receipts for our rent deposits, and we only need 3 months worth.  The lender is hoping that this information, along with the cancelled checks, will be stronger than the landlords’ word.  FYI, this is the first time he’s every heard of this step, as well.
I’ve spent the last 48 hours wondering WHY this last minute hiccup, after so many others?  I’ve finally decided that God is punishing the seller for being a loser, for failing to record the sale before he put the house on the market, and for putting pressure on us to close sooner, obviously so he doesn’t have to make a mortgage payment.  It may not be true, but it makes me feel better.

Something else that makes me feel better – our new curtains arrived!  In the picture the panel is laying sideways, sorry.  But you can see they are a multi-colored mini-stripe, and how they work with the couch and carpet (the carpet in the new house is slightly browner).  My mom and I were the crazy ladies carrying paint chips and a throw pillow through Bed, Bath & Beyond last weekend.
Stitching update coming next.

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