Goal update time!

My goals for April were pretty simple – I’d just found out that our offer on the house had been accepted, and I was a little distracted. So let’s see how I did:

Finish-Finish gift for grandparents (that’s Dove Love, if you haven’t been following along) – no, but I’m making really good progress on it. Thanks to Debra Ann for her input via e-mail!
Stick to weekly stitching schedule – ummmm, yes? BoInk is easy to stick to – I’m so excited to work on it on Sundays. The others, well, I’ve been more flexible with them, but I’m accomplishing stuff…
Pack 2 boxes each week (maybe starting with beads) – nope! Haven’t even started. But the beads are off my work table.
Focus on what I’m doing in the moment instead of being distracted by paint colors, new drapes, etc. – ummm, no, I found a game on facebook that I really like, and I’ve been spending way too much time there. I’ve recently started sitting down with stitching at the computer so I can stitch and chat while I wait to recharge…

Goals for May (holy cow, I can’t believe it’s May):

Finish-finish Dove Love. That means all stitches in all pieces of fabric, every drop of glue dried, finished product mailed before May 31.
Finish cross stitches on Emma #2. I only have 2 shades of pink left. I think that goal is totally achievable.
Sew dresses, but not until I finish stitching Dove Love finish.

I’m a little sad that I decided to pass up the most recent TTE – I really wanted to do a floss tag. But I have to be realistic – I just won’t have the time to give to it without taking away from my other commitments.

I think anything I achieve above these is commendable, considering we’ll be moving! We got the official word, the “seller” has recorded and officially owns the house he’s trying to sell us, so we can move forward with the financing part. We have most of the documents already, but we’re looking at a closing date of May 29. Only 2 weeks later, and if our landlords will let us have until June 15 to be out, then Hallie can finish out the school year on the same bus route and we can still have 2 weeks to peel wallpaper and paint before we move in.

I hope everyone has a great month of May, everyone! Thanks for reading!

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