Still here…

There seem to be a lot of “Still Here” posts around blogland these days. I wonder if it’s the time of year, or something. Personally, I have things to keep me busy, but not many of them are things I can share. I’ve been working away on the Dove Love finish, at least a little bit every day. But honestly, mostly I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook playing stupid games and having a good time.

I’ve put off packing to move, because it seems like everything is an essential, even though I know that’s not true. It looks now like we’ll close on May 29, only 2 weeks later than we thought. We’ll ask the landlords if we can pay for a partial month of June so that 1) Hallie can finish the school year in the same house/same bus stops and 2) we have a chance to remove weird borders and paint. And move a few boxes at a time, unpack and bring back empty boxes to refill. I think that’s the way I prefer to move. After 10 addresses in less than 10 years, I’ve moved all different kinds of ways!

I’m still deciding if the sewing machine sewing will be accomplished here or after we move. I think my dresses will have to be done here, since the dresses are in lieu of shorts/capris for me. And I think it gets hot here in May. Hallie can wait a little longer for dresses. But then again I may just do them all at once, when I finish Dove Love.

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  1. Good luck with the move. Personally I always found the packing up the easy part as it’s a good excuse for a clear out and when you get to the new house everything doesn’t always have a place.


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