Today I’m grateful for…

honest people at Walmart who found a set of keys with the car brand clearly emblazoned on them and still turned them in at the Customer Service desk. Yes, I dropped my keys in Walmart, and didn’t realize it until after checkout, after walking out the door, after putting the cart in the cart corral. Fortunately, I only had one child with me, so it wasn’t as big of a deal to drag her back in the store to look for them.

Walmart shopping today was for fabric for Hallie’s dresses. I got fabric for my dresses yesterday at Joann – loved the Daffodil Dash 50% off everything (even already Red Tag linen blend!). Note to crafters – the Walmart fabric department does not give out empty fabric bolts. They crush them and sell them to a recycler. Green, right? Nope, greedy. I asked for an empty bolt (exactly the right width for my Dove Love finish) and was told “NO”. At Joann she gave it to me without question. There’s my rant for the day.

And my plug for the day! Valerie of FogCity Dweller is celebrating her 4th blogiversary with a give-away! I just found her blog, and I’m really enjoying it. Be sure to visit and sign up. All you have to do is sign up and post a note on your blog (see, easy, right?).

Okay, dinner time, then more BoInk stitching time! Have a great week!

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