Saturday Update

Only WIP pic is BoInk. Motif #1 is done! The red is DMC satin, and the difference is subtle, but significant, lol. I really like my color choices. They look like jewels and precious metals to me, and they seem to be working together really well. I think tomorrow I will work on the yellow frame around the motif and extend my gridding. I get tired of counting 10 rows over-2, so I only grid more as I need.

All the rest of my stitching this week was on a gift, so I can’t show it. I got ink last Saturday (yes, I’m weak), so I printed some patterns for the cancer ornaments.

Family busy-ness today – 2 birthday parties this afternoon, a trip to the post office (yes, Theresa, your bracelet is coming with me!), during birthday party #1 I’m going to spend my Joann gift card (yay) and maybe have an iced latte and read a book without pictures. It’s been one of those weeks.

Positive house news – the “seller” was at the house with a work crew remedying the items in the inspection that needed remedy, and was supposed to go to the title company to get himself from “seller” to actual seller. He told our agent that he’s still planning to close on the 15th. And I guess, all that remains is the appraisal and whatever the financing guy does. 🙂

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