Sidebar stuff and sewing stuff

I cannot believe it’s Friday already! Holy wow-ness! We had a couple of 80 degree days here in the Treasure Valley, and I love it! I’ve got my tan going already, just from walking to and from the bus stop. I’ve taken to wearing dresses in hot weather, because they fit better than shorts. And I can make more for myself if I want. I picked up a shirt-dress pattern at Walmart – it will be knee-length, and as of now I’m planning to make at least 2 for myself. I’m not sure when I’ll start. I know it should only take me a day or two to sew a dress, but it always takes me longer.

Okay, on to sidebar stuff. On the left, there’s a new button to my gallery site. Visit if you would like. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s been there already. I’ve decided to just let my Etsy listings expire, and things that I feel like selling will be listed on the gallery. I’m getting up the courage to actually say something more about it on that blog. I know that people who’ve received my work think it would be worth buying, so I’m trying not to take it personally that I’ve had no Etsy sales. I would just rather have a completely free medium for promoting my work, where I can determine my price based on what I think it’s worth, not what everyone else is selling “similar” things for. For now, I’m accepting custom orders from the Gallery – if you see a design on there that you would like, post a comment (and include your e-mail addy, please) and I’ll contact you to work out details. I’ve done that before, and it was a totally positive experience.

On the right, there’s a button for the Blogger’s Choice Awards. If you like my blog, will you please take a second to go there and vote for me for Best Hobby Blog? Thanks so much!

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