Hallie’s Glasses

I need to start by apologizing to my children for cursing them with some sort of degenerative eye issue-thing. I’ve needed corrective lenses since age 5, and Hallie, at age 6, has her first pair of glasses.

The nurse at school sent home a note saying that she’d been tested twice and needed to see an eye-care professional (the kind of note that has to be signed by the dr. and returned to the nurse). So we went. I didn’t think her eyesight was that bad – she sits up straight at the table to do her homework, she can read me headlines off the tv screen, I haven’t noticed her squinting or holding books close to her face. But I was sitting in the exam room watching her miserably fail the eye tests and it made me very sad.

The glasses she chose are purple Hannah Montana. The only Hannah Montana-ish-ness is the scrolly design on the sides, and the crystals behind the ears. Unfortunately, these are not the glasses she will keep, because she has my ears. They sit back nice and close to the head and plastic bows don’t fit! Her poor ears were raw and starting to blister after just 3 days. Walmart did an exchange on them, and she chose a pair of bronze metal frames that work nicely with her hair. I have to teach her the basics of frame choosing early on! We are now waiting for the “rush” order to be filled. She has permission to only wear the glasses to school and while doing her homework, so her ears can get a rest.

Oh, and here’s how Katie went out in public on Saturday. Pay special attention to the feet. Is she 3 or 93? LOL

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  1. How sweet! We’ve also cursed our kids with bad sight (we both have worn glasses from a young age). My oldest got her first set of glasses in Grade 1 and my second by the time she was 4. My youngest is now in kindergarten, but he hasn’t had to have any yet *fingers crossed*!


  2. I was a little girl when I got my eye glasses too. I’ve tried contacts but because of allergies can never wear them. My son takes after my husband and doesn’t need glasses! Blessings to your daughter and Make her a pretty eye glass case to put them in and she will love them.


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