Saturday Update

Time for an Emma #2 update! The bouquet of roses in her hands is done! And all the purple flowers are done. I only have 4 shades of pink left, then backstitches, “lace” and beads. And personalization. If you want to see what this looks like, look under labels for Emma’s Garden – you’ll see my first finish. This is a Told in a Garden design by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. There’s a Facebook SAL this weekend, and I did the purple stitches during the baseball game last night. Let’s hope I can be that productive today!

BoInk week 7 – green and blue are done for this motif. I have red that needs to be added tomorrow. I think I’ll go back to framework stitching after the red is done, because my printer is out of ink and I need to print more pattern pages!

I think my lack of ink is keeping me from starting new projects. I’m avoiding the Dove Love finish again. I’ve convinced myself I can’t work on it for the SAL because I have to post update pics, and my grandmother is on Facebook and might see it. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll be back to work on it on Monday, I promise.

No more information on the house than what was in my whiney post on Thursday. BTW, my gift from DH arrived – Esspresso Bark and yummy truffles from a friend’s candy shop. I tried to find a website for her (you know how I love to plug my friends), but I couldn’t. If you’re in the western Washington area, search Sweets, Treats and Designs in Tacoma. You will not be sorry! Jeri makes her own “barks”, and retails high-end chocolates from all over the country. She also has organic, foody-smelling lotions available.

We have busy-ness today – off to Walmart optical to do a follow-up on my contacts and get Hallie’s glasses adjusted (I’ll do another post about that), then Costco. And do you know, my lawn does not mow itself???

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  1. Hey Girl! Don’t sweat the dove love or starting another piece. Your blog and updates are fabulous and you’ve inspired me to show my works in progress because I love to see yours! Good luck with the house and I’m glad I’m no where near that chocolate shop I’m hormonal and it might get ugly.


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