Waiting sucks

I’m still waiting to receive my gift from DH. He called whomever and found out that it was too expensive for them to ship UPS or FedEx, so it went USPS. But he thinks it will be too big to fit in the mailbox…now I’m really curious. I was expecting a large bouquet of flowers!

Waiting to find out more information about the house really sucks. We went over the inspection report with our agent on Saturday, found out that even though we’re not doing an FHA loan, we have to adhere to FHA inspection standards (Idaho state law), so there were some things we had to ask the seller to fix. He’s agreed to fix them. So now we wait. Not only for those repairs to be done so he can call an appraiser, but for the seller to actually get the deed from when he purchased the house. Yes, that’s right, he doesn’t technically own the house. Now that he’s been caught, I’m sure he’s working double-time to rectify that, but we have no idea when we’ll close. Grrr.

Have I posted any pictures here yet? I put some up on Facebook, but I don’t think I put any here, because I didn’t want to jinx this process. I’m confident the seller wants to not own this house, so here you go:
Exterior of house

Dining area – this lovely border is growing out of the carpet all down the main hallway.


Living room

Family room/”finishing studio” – lots of southern exposure, and a faux finish and a moose border. That will change faster than the garden upstairs.

Please keep praying for this. I’m feeling frustrated and discouraged today, mostly because I saw someone pull into our driveway, apparently calling on the For Sale sign, and I don’t feel like cleaning the house to show to someone else when I have no idea when we’ll close.

3 thoughts on “Waiting sucks

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  1. Keep your Chin up, soon enough you will be in a new home, and yippie you get to decorate a whole new house…that part is what you should day dream about when you fell frustrated.Lol..I am a Grrrrr person too.


  2. Selling and buying a house at the same time is torture. Pure unadulterated torture. But in a few months you will be living in your lovely new house(without the moose border). Prayers and blessings.


  3. Technically, we’re not selling this house – we’re renting a house that’s for sale. This is about the 5th time we’ve been in this situation, and let me tell ya, I’m sick of it. Plus in ID there’s no real landlord-tenant law, no sense of courtesy for people who are renting a property…You give me 24 hours notice, I’ll have this place as “show ready” as a mom of 2 with a sore toe can. Give me 30 minutes’ notice, and good luck to ya! (evil laugh)


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