Saturday Update

Only one pic update today. Most of my work this week has been on the Dove Love finishing, and I’m not showing that!!!! Okay, that’s more for me than for you. I need to keep it a secret.

Here’s BoInk from this week. All the black and orange on Motif 1 is done. It looks kind of cool like this! I’ll do more color on it tomorrow.

We have a busy day today: town egg hunt, meeting the realtor to go over the inspection report and decide what to ask the seller to fix, Hallie and I both have eye exams, and at some point we need to color eggs!

On the topic of egg coloring, here’s a note for Heather’s “Mommy Fail” Friday – well, an almost-fail – on the way home from the communion service last night, we stopped at the grocery store to get an extra dozen eggs and color pack (they had plenty – yay). I was going to cook the eggs last night so they’d be all cool in the morning/afternoon, and there would be no delays in the joy of egg coloring. I put the ham for Sunday in the fridge (again, yay), and left the eggs on the counter to remind me to go get the big pot out of the garage. Okay, here are a couple of important things to consider: 1) I’ve only been back on my anti-depressant for about 2 days, so I’m still a little scattered. 2) We got home from the communion service at 9:15, and my kids are usually in bed by 8. Yeah. 3) The kids didn’t get to bed until 10!!!!! You can imagine that someone with depression and social anxiety was pretty much on edge by that point, and wanted nothing more than silence. Not complete silence, just not the sounds of arguing children. So I watched the baseball game and tried to do some work on the Dove Love finish, and decided it was too much trouble to go to the garage to get the big pot. I did not at any time go back into the kitchen. This morning, I jumped out of bed with a start, as that was the first moment I remembered that I’d left the eggs on the counter. Yes, that’s right, they sat on the counter all night. Fortunately, my mommy lives with me, and reassured me that if you’re going to boil eggs, it’s okay that they were unrefrigerated for less than 12 hours. So there will be colored eggs, and there will be deviled eggs and potato salad for days and days.

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  1. I am glad there was someone around to set your mind at ease about the eggs. When we lived in New Zealand, eggs were never refrigerated — not in the store, not in people’s homes. Possibly there were less cases of salmonella then or the eggs were fresher (and people kept their houses cooler, too, about 60 – 65 F). But boiled and shelled eggs should be safe from anything they could develop in a mere 12 hours. Enjoy the eggs!


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