Site housekeeping…

No dusters or vacuums involved! Just taking some time to plug my blogging sisters!

Laura M. is hosting a Mirabilia SAL that will start in January. Plenty of time to plan ahead for this project! Visit her blog, and go to the “Keeping Track” button on the right side to sign up. Then plan ahead, and complete some projects so you can start 2010 (OMG!) with a new project and no guilt! 🙂

Do you want to increase your web presence? Visit The Women’s Blogger Directory and follow the sign-up procedure to get listed. Alana has put a lot of effort into creating a truly diverse directory of women who blog, about all kinds of different topics. Even if you’re not looking for more readers, take a minute to visit – there are a lot of interesting authors there!

I always add new favs to my blogroll on the left side, and I’m cleaning up the less-active ones again. Be sure to visit and comment – there are so many talented stitchers in blog-land!

I’m working on a gallery site for my work. I’m not ready to post the link here, but watch for it. It will be less “talking” and more display of finishes. I’ve been hesitant to post a lot of my personal designs, because it’s part of “me”, you know? So it’s taking some courage for me to put myself out there so much. Right now I’m adding content, and I’m forcing myself to do it. My goal is to have a good representation of my work of the last 4 years on there, and ready to share by my birthday, next Tuesday.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate you all!

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