Goal Review Time (You want to read this one!)

Recap of March Goals


Complete 3 new items for Etsy – no – I think I posted one new item, I have another one waiting to be finish-finished.
Stick to my stitching schedule (posted on the right) – weekly progress in each category – I’m going to say yes
Finish stitching Dove Love by 3/25 and move on to finishing – Completed 3/29!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stitch and finish Lizzie*Kate gift by 3/31 – will complete stitching today (3/31)
Stitch, finish and mail TTE Biscornu exchange piece by 3/31 (deadline) – mailed 3/28, and Dawn has already received.


Organize stash (I know, too general) – no
Try one new seed bead stitch by 3/17 – no


Maintain posting pace (I’m happy with it, are you happy with it?) – yes
Create widget for bracelet giveaway – yes
Comment at least weekly on fellow stitching blogs – yes

Miscellaneous things I hope to attain by 3/31:

Find a house!!!!! – yes!!!!!!! We just heard back from the agent on the house we saw Saturday – the only change the seller wants is to exclude the storage shed in the back yard. Um, okay! Pending inspection, closing May 15!!!!! Pics later when more docs have been signed. But we were praying for a quick answer and we got one – the offer was sent at 6 last night, with a response by 10 this morning.
Potty train Katie!!!! – I’m gonna say…yes!!! She’s been dry all day every day since Friday afternoon – Day 3. She’s in pull-ups at night still, but I’m good with that. She even made it through Costco on Sunday without an accident, and I got out of Costco for less than $100.
Regular fitness routine – no, but I’ve been busy! And I always lose 5 pounds when I move, and it’s almost time to start mowing the lawn again, and my size 14 jeans have a hole in them, so I have no choice but to fit into the size 12. Motivation, right?

So, goals for April:

Finish-Finish gift for grandparents (that’s Dove Love, if you haven’t been following along)
Stick to weekly stitching schedule
Pack 2 boxes each week (maybe starting with beads)
Focus on what I’m doing in the moment instead of being distracted by paint colors, new drapes, etc.

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