Good stitching news and good waiting news…

Good stitching news first. On BoInk, I miscounted when I recounted my miscount; anyway, I started stitching the first motif with my adjusted alignment. I stitched straight across the top row, and found that I didn’t need to adjust at all! So I was able to pull out that row and get back in line. That made me feel good. This motif is inspiring me more than the frame – it was hard to put it down last night, and it will be hard to wait until next Sunday to stitch more on it.

Good waiting news – we made a decision to make an offer on the blue house! My mother is going to the realtor’s office tonight to sign the paperwork. Because it’s bank-owned, we have to wait 3 days to find out if our offer was accepted. We see 3 doors that could shut on this – the bank not accepting our offer or getting multiple offers; the house not qualifying for FHA financing; or the inspection finding major problems that the bank won’t fix and we can’t afford to fix before closing. We are stepping out on faith – this was the first house we felt excited about, and we know that if this is the one for us, then God will hold those 3 doors wide open. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for this. I’ll keep you updated.

Update: The realtor confirmed that the seller will not accept an FHA offer, based on a preliminary inspection. However, there is a way to do a conventional loan, with an inspection contingency. So after this evening, we wait 3 days to find out if they accept our offer.

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  1. andrea, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and good prayers that this is the house you’ll get. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen…just remember that thought 🙂Robin Pich


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