Why am I so excited about Friday today? Is it a hold over from when Saturdays were different from any other day? Maybe it’s because it’s the first day of Spring, maybe because the forecast is sunny and 70, maybe because Hallie starts spring break next week.

I had a blast last night watching MLB pre-season. I’ve been a Seattle Mariners fan since high school, and I’m glad that we are able to get the cable station that runs all the Mariners games. I’m so excited to have Ken Griffey, Jr. back in Seattle – he should be the true HR king, IMO. “My heroes don’t have asterisks.” And while watching the Mariner win (!), I got several rows done on Dove Love. Finally, I’m feeling balanced again. DH was watching the game in Seattle, I was watching in Boise, and we talked and texted each other during the game. He fell in love with me when I explained the infield fly rule to him, LOL.

For my stitchy friends – in case you haven’t seen already, Emily (the floss box) has a new blog. Her previous site is still in my blog feed and will be up for a while, but she’s posting new items at her new site. Right now there’s no feed, so you’ll have to go visit to see if she’s doing anything new (yes, she is). Hopefully she’ll get a feed soon. Emily has great biscornu patterns (free!), and they are all there (I checked) plus some I hadn’t seen before.

3 thoughts on “Friday!!!

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  1. Thanks for your compliments on my biscornu~ I see you have so many beautiful projects going one here, and I will definitely stay tuned!! Have a great weekend~


  2. Hi Drea! 70 degrees you lucky dog! I agree completely about the heroes without asterisks. I think it undermines baseball and really is a bad example for our kids.Hope all is well!See you soon.


  3. If Junior had stayed healthy (broken hand twice in 3 years, hello, I was almost at one of those games), there would be no question, and no asterisks. And still he’s within 50 of catching Willie Mays.K, apparently I have a soapbox!


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