A new award!

I received this award from Angie, who has really been so kind since I met her! Thanks for recognizing me!

The rules are:

1. Nominate women who show great attitude.
2. Link to them.
3. Leave them a comment so they know to come pick up their award.

Here are my nominations (not necessarily all stitching blogs):

Debra Ann (Tangled Stitch) – we seem to be on the same wavelength right now. I appreciate your thoughts, and your openness on your blog. It’s not just about pulling thread through fabric, it’s about your personal expression.

Alana – you have so many blogs, and yet you find time to organize and encourage women to connect and reach their full potential. I’m sending this to the Blogger’s Directory, but feel free to put it on your business blog, too.

Staci (Snippets and Stash) – talk about great attitude! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year. I love checking to see what you’re working on or talking about. And maybe you have to wait until the coffee kicks in, but you always seem so positive!

Laura (Dragonflymystic) – you know how much I love you! I cannot believe all the things you do – working full time, going to school, taking care of your sweet grandson, organizing stitching groups, and finding time to stitch as well!

It was difficult to limit this to just a few. I appreciate so many of the bloggers that I read – I actually had to type and save this before I posted it. These are the ones that give me the most warm-fuzzies every time I read. If you haven’t yet read any of these blogs, please go check them out! They are on my regular read list!

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